November 21


08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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The Lincoln Eatery


The Lincoln Eatery

723 Lincoln Lane North, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Miami Beach, FL, US, 33139

Friendsgiving Dinner at the Lincoln Eatery

Friendsgiving Dinner at the Lincoln Eatery

Hosted by @BlondesWhoEat

Saturday, November 21st

8pm – 10pm

Join Chef Nilton Castillo

For a unique dinner experience to play games and win prizes, enjoy amazing food and meet new friends.

$45 per person

Includes 4 Course Dinner

Vegan Trio

Assorted Vegan Cheese/Green Papaya Salad/Muhammara/ Labash Bread

The first course is vegan in a high end presentation and small portions combining Middle Eastern cuisine with Chef Nilton’s personal cuisine.

Seafood Trio

Fish Ceviche/Tuna Tartar/Octopus al Olivo

The second course is about Cilantro 27 dishes so people can enjoy a little bit of Cilantro 27 menu.

Caribbean Turkey

Mofongo/Garden Veggies/Gravy/Cranberry Sauce

The third course is about Caribbean Turkey. The turkey will be marinated with Caribbean spices and brine for 48 hours. The mofongo will be cook as Puerto Rican way.

Kids Garden

Chocolate/Lucuma/Bonbons/8 Sauces

I will do a dessert plating in front of people so they can enjoy some live action dessert while playing music. Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit that match perfectly with chocolate.